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A great quality ironware guarantees the security and functionality of a joinery piece, being an indispensable part of any joinery element. Our joinery is fitted with either WINKHAUS or Maco ironware. We offer our clients a wide range of options, characterized by quality and design.


  • High reliability.
  • Perfect watertight seal.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for an average of 15 000 opening and closing cycles.
  • Multi-point closing elements.
  • Wk1 or Wk2 safety systems

Our joinery comes with Winkhaus Active Pilot as standard ironware.

This system has a component that prohibits accidental use and protects you of a possible faulty handling of the handle both in Turn or Tilt positions.

It is also fitted with a SECUSTIK secure handle that does not allow outside opening. In the same time, you benefit from a controlled ventilation system.

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As an optional feature you can choose the Multi-Matic system from Maco, which offers optimal and precise handling of the joinery. The standard ironware option benefits from the following advantages: a practical system of 13mm micro-ventilation and a system that prohibits the faulty maneuvering of the handle.

The hinges are manufactured from extruded aluminium, adjustable in al three dimensions, multi-point closing with anti-burglary option.