Optimedia offers both interior and exterior sills.

The windows and doors are not only decorative elements. Chosen carefully, they can help increase home comfort. But their importance is enhanced by the jambs, sills are those that are switching from glass and woodwork which secures the masonry.

Furthermore, window sill successfully completes modern carpentry – of aluminum, PVC – resistance but also by the design; jamb can complement any style of construction or decoration

PVC interior sills

PVC sills are fitted on the inside and do not only represent a decorative element but an efficient protection method against humidity and mechanical shock.

The superior quality of the sills ensures that the initial appearance of the sill will remain unchanged over time, even in case of frequent use.

The fitting of the PVC sills is done either with adhesive, direct fit on the plaster or with screws.

pvc interior sills


  • Endurance against himidity and intensive use.
  • It does not bend or change shape under the influence of harsh thermal or mechanical conditions.
  • Solar ray protected colors.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It does not require painting.

Aluminium exterior sills

The exterior sill systems work as an additional strengthening element through durability and design for both PVC and aluminium joinery with thermal insulating glass.

Aluminium sills protect the masonry and the facade of your house against harsh weather conditions, water and dirt.

The lateral covering elements (UV protected plastic caps) prevent the deterioration of the grout and masonry at the edges of the window sills.

Exterior aluminum sills