ventilation grids


The ventilation grid is a base component of a ventilation system. Being the first element of the system, it controls the air flow in and out of a specific room. In order to avoid health problems, lack of comfort and long term sustainability issues, an optimal ventilation is indispensable.

Solutions such as opening a window or normal ventilation are insufficient and have negative thermal and acoustic consequences.


The ventilation grid keeps a constant flow of air regardless of weather conditions, being fitted with a self regulating system based on humidity.
It is composed of a cap that can be oriented in a specific direction when installed in order to be able to adjust the the air flow based on the window positioning compared to the roof for a maximum comfort.

It comes in three different colors: white, brown or golden oak.

Hygro-adjustable: it modifies the air flow based on the relative humidity of the room

Acousting damping: up to 37 dB

Easy to maintain: it does not need adjusting. It only needs a simple annual cleaning.

Adaptable: it adapts to the window/roof configuration.


Self-adjustable ventilation grids are meant to protect the ventilation holes in the windows and walls against harsh weather and water infiltration. They offer both acoustic insulation and protection against insects. They come in 2 different colors: white or brown.

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