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The secustik handle offers increased safety.
the patented blocking mechanism in the handle prohibits the faulty or abusive handling of the window from the outside.
The handles respect the AhS RAL-RG 607/9 Security Directive standards.

window handles

Standard Handles

standard handles

The standard joinery is delivered with handles and hinge caps in brown or white.

As an optional feature you can choose silver, bronze, gold or cremeweiss as handle colors. The hinge caps can also come in silver or gold as an optional feature.


The centered handle is an innovative solution through which the handle is fitted between the sashes and centered on the mullion. It can only be used on round sashes from VEKA.

Non standard handles

non standard handles


The design of the doors handle in our product offer is designed to cover even the most diverse requests in terms of shape, colour and personal taste.

A well chosen handle ensures an optimal and secure opening for any door.

The ideal choice is made based on practicality, functionality and quality design.

For entrance doors we offer two different systems:

  • Two mobile handles on the inside and outside.
  • Mobile handle on the inside and pulling handle on the outside.

Optimedia offers its clients a wide range of door handles base on the desired functionality and on the color requested ( white, brown, silver or gold).

door handles