Our vision is to offer a range of high quality products and services and to develop a network of clients based on long term partnerships.

The founding values of our company are:

  • passion towards client satisfaction
  • promptness in the services provided and in delivery
  • integrity and excellence

At Optimedia, we focus on client satisfaction, offering quality products with the highest performance characteristics, manufactured and delivered using the latest technology available.

To create windows and doors is a profession that made with skill, passion, and dedication can reach another level, it is an art. For this reason we invest our time together with dedication to provide you with passion windows and doors.

For us a window is more than an opening through which light makes its way inside. A window is an interface between the interior and the exterior, an opening to new opportunities, but also a safety barrier that ensures the security of our comfort zone.

mission and values

Optimedia part in international fairs.

One of the most successful ways to promote our company on the European market and not only is the participation in international fairs. In 2011, Optimedia had an exhibition stand at the international fair of construction Batimat in Paris, the only Romanian company participating. Also, in 2012 and 2013 we participated in international fairs Brussels, Made Expo in Milan and Paris Batimat.

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