We offer a wide range of mobile flyscreens depending on the dimensions required and on their usage..There are 3 types of mobile flyscreens based on the opening method:


  • They are fitted on the joinery, on the mobile side of the window with hinges.
  • During the winter it can be easily removed in order to avoid deterioration.
  • The fitting is done with a reliable closing system that is composed of an inside handle with a comfortable design.
  • They can be fitted on windows of any size.
  • They have a high transparency and endurance against harsh weather conditions.
  • The profiles are manufactured from aluminium and are painted in the standard white and brown colors (other colors available on demand).
  • Easy and quick maintenance.

mobile flyscreen with hinges


  • They have a box on top with 2 aluminium guiding rails on each side.
  • They can be fitted even on windows that are not easily accessible due to the string opening system.
  • The box and guiding rails are made from aluminium
  • The net is made from translucent carbon fiber which is fireproof, resistant to harsh weather conditions and to solar rays.
  • They can easily be lifted and lowered by pulling the attached string. The system comes with a system against accidental use.
  • During the winter it can be retracted in the box without having to take the flyscreen down.

Roller flyscreens



  • They are especially used with large surfaces
  • They have a simillar system to the one used by the roller flyscreens, the only difference between the two systems being the lateral positioning.

lateral sliding flyscreen

Door-type flyscreens

  • They are used as an addition to doors that require better ventilation or frequent access.
  • The aluminium frames combine great mechanical endurance with a pleasant design.
  • The special arc hinges keep the flyscreens closed.