Flyscreens offer maximum protection against insects eliminating the need to use insecticides. They are characterized by great reliability due to the carbon fiber material used to manufacture the nets and the aluminium profile used for the frame, excellent visibility and the permanent air exchange between the interior and the exterior.

Depending on client preference and budget, we offer 2 main types of flyscreens: Fixed flyscreens and Mobile flyscreens


Flixed flyscreens have an aluminium frame painted in an electrostatic field or eloxed aluminium, which give the flyscreen increased stability and endurance against mechanical and thermal stress. They are attached to the mobile part of the joinery with clamps.

The main drawback of this type of flyscreen is that it can not be opened or fitted on doors. During the winter it can be easily removed in order to avoid deterioration.

We offer 2 options for fixed flyscreens with clamps:

  • With double groove

plasa cu CANAL DUBLU

  • With riveted clamps

plasa cu cleme nituite


We offer a wide range of mobile flyscreens depending on the dimensions required and on their usage. There are 3 types of mobile flyscreens based on the opening method: here.