Grills or glass accessories give style and elegance to windows ,thus being one of the best ways through which you can give a very personal touch to your house. We offer you grills of different types, sizes and shapes manufactured from aluminium or PVC. You can choose either grills embedded between the glass layers or grills applied on the glass.


Embedded grills are fitted between the two layers of the glass package and lightens the maintenance effort required for the window.

They can be of different thicknesses (8, 18 or 26mm) and can come in different colors – Alb, Laiton, Golden Oak, Cremeweiss, Anthracite.

grills interior


Grills applied are glued to the inner surface and outer glass and has the effect of emphasizing the chosen model, and integration into the overall look of the facade is more evident.

Applied grills are glued on the surface of both the inside and outside glass layers. They come with 2 different thicknesses of 26 or 35 mm, either white, foil covered or painted in various RAL colors
The shape of the grills is rounded.

Applied grills