Glass represents aproximatively 80% of the total surface of a joinery element. Thus, it is necessary to pay increased attention to choosing the best glass to fit every need. The right choice will create a pleasant atmosphere inside a house, will eliminate excessive noise and will decrease the energy bill significantly.


The different types, functions and performances allow a great creative freedom in building new constructions and in renovations. SAINT GOBAIN GLASS offers a concrete answer to the strict demands in term of thermal and acoustic insulation, safety, etc

maximum thermal insulation MAXIMUM THERMAL INSULATION

The standard version of the windows provided by our company contains a glass package of excellent thermal insulation capabilities. The thermal transfer coefficient for a 24 mm glass package with 2 glass layers can be as low as Ug=1.0 W/m².K.

The thermal transfer coeffcient of the glass can be improved by adding a third layer of glass. This way, the coefficient can be as low as 0.6 W/m2 K. . As a resut, we obtain a better thermal and acoustic insulation that will increase the comfort of your home. The glass package can vary in thickness and can be 32, 34, and 42 mm thick depending on the profile used

double and triple vitrage


The main purpose of secure glass is not only to protect the owner but also to protect the building against burglary.

The ESG secured glass is, on average, 4 times as resistant than standard glass to temperature change, bending and cracks. If fractured, it breaks into small cubes without edges that can not cause cuts.

Laminated secured glass is composed of 2 layers of simple glass glued together with a PVB film which acts as reinforcement in case of fracture. The glass fragments stick to the film preventing any accidents. The number or the thickness of the laminated glass components can vary. This way there is the possibility of obtaining laminated glass with specific characteristics that can satisfy each individual need. Some examples of laminated glass are: 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 4.4.1, 4.4.2.

high safety


A proper acoustic insulation creates a calm and peaceful ambiance both in the country side and in a crowded city center.

Based on the desired performance, acoustic insulation can be achieved in two ways:

  • Using a glass package of different glass thickness.
  • Choosing an anti-burglary glass as an element of the glass package.

optimum sound insulation

the best solar control THE BEST SOLAR CONTROL

The tendency in modern architecture is to use large glass surfaces. However these large glass surfaces need increased protection against solar radiation.

This type of glass is obtained as a result of a pyrolysis process through which a layer of silica is applied on clear or coloured glass. The solar control effect depends on the thickness of the glass (4 or 6 mm) and on the colour (bronze, grey, green or blue). We offer a winde range of glass with solar protection: Planitherm 4S, Parsol or Stopsol

the best solar control

project your privacy PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY

Decorative or mat glass spreads light and protects you from curious eyes. You can choose from a varied range of models, textures and colors in order to personalize your own space.

decorative glass patterns offered by Optimedia windows and doors