The Veka 70 system has a classic design with slightly curved edges that allow it to easily adapt to any architectural style.
With this system you can make all kinds of windows with inner opening.
It is renowned for its aesthetic and functional qualities.

  • Sisten de ferestre PVC Veka 70
  • Sistemul de ferestre din PVC, Veka 70


  • Class A profile ( 3 mm thick outer wall) that give the window a better stability, durability and a better heat and acoustic insulation.
  • 5 chamber system.
  • Base depth of 70 mm.
  • Uf=1,3W/m2K.
  • Perimeter zinc coated aluminium reinforcement: 1.5mm – 3mm or the equivalent.


  • Double glassing 24 mm Ug=1,1W/m2K.
  • Triple glassing 36 mm Ug=0,8W/m2.
  • Standard aluminium glass spacer
  • Optional Warm Edge glass spacer


  • Winkhaus ActivePilot which gives the window high sealing and safety levels.
  • Standard: anti-mishandling, controlled ventilation
  • Optional: WK1 or WK2 safety systems.


  • EPDM which gives the windows a high level of endurance against wind, rain and dust.
  • 2 sealing gaskets.
  • Available in 3 colors (grey, black or caramel ) depending on the color of the profiles.

Glassing beeds

  • 2 posibilities: straight or rounded.
  • Hoppe Secustik.
  • Standard colors: white or brown.
  • Optional: gold, silver, titanium and cream.


  • Winkhaus with 3D adjusting.
  • Cover caps: white and brown( standard); gold, silver, titanium and cream ( optional)
  • Optional ironware with hidden hinges.